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Monday, September 3, 2012

These are a few of Mom's favorite things

If you couldn't tell by the diaper situation, Mom and Dad are pretty new to this whole parenting thing. Guest blogger Mom wants to share some of the products that she's used during the past week that have made keeping me alive easier.

Ps, here's a picture of me looking adorable in my bassinet, wrapped in a stolen hospital blanket. You can also see my favorite 100% cotton blanket by my feet.



boppy pillow
I love plopping him down on this thing while we are sitting on the couch. I don't use it much for nursing, though.

medela quick clean micro-steam bag
This makes sterilizing pump parts so much easier. Clean the parts quickly by hand, then pop em in the micro steam bag and nuke it for 90 seconds. BAM. Sterilized.

diaper caddy
We have a basket with several compartments for diapers, wipes, etc. downstairs so everything we need is right there. Out of all the baby products we own, this has been the most helpful.

fisher price rocker/bassinet
This is so lightweight that I can carry it up and down the stairs depending on where I want it.

receiving blankets that we got from the hospital
I'm not sure if taking some of them home with us is considered stealing... I mean, we are paying the hospital a ton of money.... right? Anyway these make for the best swadeling

watch with a light
Time seems to have lost all meaning since P was born (everything just blends together these days) but its good to know what time I fed/changed/put him down. The light is helpful in case I'm nursing him in bed or in our rocker with the lights out.

aden and anais 100% cotton blankets
These are so light that P doesn't get overheated during this crazy heat wave. Plus if the blanket accidentally covers his mouth a bit, he can still breathe.

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