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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My foot, part 2

Thanks for your concern about my nasty foot, guys! I'm not totally sure what happened. My doctor thinks that it got infected after a heel stick while I was in the hospital after being born. As the scab got bigger and greener, mom got more freaked out. Pair that with the fact that I'm the sleepiest baby of all time (I snooze for about 22 hours a day!!), mom decided it would be a good idea to get me checked out asap.

Anyway, my foot looks way better. I've been taking some antibiotics and will see the doctor again on friday. As for my sleepiness, doc said I'm just in a food coma. I scarf down about 4oz of formula PLUS 40 minutes of nursing every 3 hours... and I've tripled the average weight gain for babies my age. I'm fat and happy!

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