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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Um, ok...?

In under a week, P weaned himself off formula and the bottle. Random! It was totally unexpected because until a few days ago, he couldn't (or maybe wouldn't?) drink from a sippy cup. He wouldn't drink water or juice or whole milk either. It was like a light switch went off or something. I'm totally confused, but I am not complaining!!

Update: Parker was only without a bottle for a week and then he went back.  Crazy kid.

Monday, September 9, 2013

12 months

Yeah, I'm a little late on this post... I'm in denial that my child is a year old, so I kept putting it off.

-Parker is 23 inches long (almost half my height) and weighs 27 lbs.
-He has 4 teeth.
-He still drinks a bottle 4 times a day, and we are switching him to cows milk.
-He likes to feed himself some food, but still needs a giant bowl of rice and pureed food at each meal to fuel his shenanigans.
-Favorite foods: graham crackers, chicken ravioli, chicken nuggets, peaches, bananas.
-His favorite activity is walking around the house with his arms up in the air for balance.
-He's transitioning from two naps a day to one... I am exhausted and I wish I could get some kind of doctor's note allowing me to drink coffee.
-He WILL NOT sit still. Church is spent pacing the hallways. Honestly, we are lucky if we stay for two hours. We don't even try for the third hour any more. I just can't do it. Storytime at the library is a lot like church... all the other babies sit and clap along with the nursery rhymes, while P pushes other people's strollers around the library.
-He doesn't talk at all, and doesn't point or wave bye bye. He doesn't really have any words. This has me totally freaked out.
-He LOVES anything with wheels. Cars, trucks, you name it. He got an excellent haul of new cars and trucks for his birthday, and loves playing with them.
-He also loves to read. He frequently will bring me a book so I can read it to him. He also will pick up a book, open it, and start babbling to himself. This makes me want to die of cuteness overload.

I have a picture of him in the baby chair, but I'm having computer problems and will have to upload it later.