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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mom may want to reconsider kissing the ground I walk on

Ew. Look at my foot. Mom is such a worry wart that we are all stuck in the ER waiting to get it checked out.  While we are here, I wonder if someone can please get my mom a perscription for chill pills?

Updated: I was sent home with antibiotics and a follow up appointment. Also a bill for the $150 copay. Sadly I was unable to convince anyone to get mom those chill pills I was looking for...



  1. Okay, first of all I wanted to say it is hilarious this is all from Parker's point of view. How creative and fun! Second, I had no idea this happened to his foot. Is it a scab?! Keep the posts coming!M this is wonderful and you'll love to look back on it someday.

    Lani :)

  2. ditto on the cute perspective...and what happened to the poor guy?