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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flying solo

Here's some tips that I learned from flying alone with the baby.

-BABY LEASH. I hooked it onto my wheelchair and he was able to cruise around during layovers. 
-I put socks on his hands during layovers so he could crawl around a little
-When things got rough, I gave him mini oreos and it calmed him right down.
-I brought pouch food and just squirted it in his mouth, no need for a bowl, spoon, etc.
-I bought shelf stable disposable bottles so I didn't have to carry around dirty bottles.
-Fly SouthWest! No assigned seating. I put Parker's stuff next to me while people were boarding. I would have moved it if someone needed to sit there, but for some reason no one wanted to sit next to the teething, crying baby... ;)
-FYI, if you fly with a wheelchair, you can bring a friend or family member with you all the way to the gate. Jon and my dad helped me get through security, which was amazing. Your escort needs to bring identification and go through security.
-Also, with the wheelchair thing, you have to check in every time you get on the plane. 
 -Apparently the SkyCap people can WHEEL YOU TO THE RESTAURANTS IN THE AIRPORT. I was mortified, but starving, so I asked the SkyCap to take me to Arby's and he totally did. 


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