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Sunday, December 1, 2013

My birthday

I had an AWESOME birthday. First of all, having your bday on Sunday rocks! I got a whole birthday weekend! We don't go out to eat on Sundays in observance of our Sabbath, so we went on Saturday. I got my birthday flowers a day early for the same reason. We went to Dave and Busters while Ashlee watched Parker. (Thanks Ashlee!!!) We really enjoyed having a date. Then today I got totally spoiled. My moms gift was such a great surprise! I had seen a sweater on a model in a catelog and thought it was so pretty... but couldn't find anything like it ANYWHERE. Finally I gave up. I hadn't mentioned it to anyone, so it was amazing when my I opened my moms gift and THERE WAS THE SWEATER!! Jon got me a jewelscent candle and now I'm addicted and want another one. I got some other really thoughtful gifts from friends and family, too. So spoiled!!!
I had a really nice bday dinner tonight. The sister missionaries here are so sweet. They came to visit me once (unplanned visit) and I think I scared them. It was 4pm when they came and I was still in my pajamas and no makeup and my house was a total mess. It had been a really bad RA day and I hadn't been avle to do anything. They could tell I needed help so they cleaned my house and have been coming 1-2 times a month since then to help me. They came over for dinner tonight and helped me cook. They also gave me a thoughtful little birthday gift. I love having them over! Then my dear visiting teacher/favorite person ever Ashlee came with a crockpot cake. Random but so delicious!!! Our home teacher/other favorite person ever Bryan also stopped by for some desert. We have been blessed with some great friends here and I had such a special day. The party is continuing into next week, too, when my sweet neighbor/friend is bringing me lunch from Pei Wei! (She offered to take me out, but Parker is too unruley for restaurants right now so we will enjoy our lunch date at home).
I am so blessed!! Thank you everyone for making this a great day.

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