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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hungry hungry Parker

P is going through a growth spurt. I bought him clothes less than a month ago and they were so big they were hanging off him. Now they are so small that the pants are like capris and his tummy peeks out from his shirt. The good news is that I hadn't taken the tags off 2 of the outfits so I was able to exchange them for a larger size. Carters is also having a 70% off sale so I got a few new things cheaper than I could have purchased used.

He's also drinking milk like crazy. He's gone through half a gallon since yesterday afternoon. In the past week has woken up several times in the middle of the night since he's so hungry.

It's a good thing he likes Ramen... its all we are going to be able to afford to feed him!! (Kidding!)

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