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Friday, November 1, 2013

This kid is 14 months

...and a few days.

-4 teeth (still!!)
-he eats a toddler sized meal PLUS a giant bowl of rice/puree at most meals
-we are down to 2 bottles a day!! (First thing in the morning/bedtime)
-still 2 naps a day... praise be! He sleeps at night 8pm-6am.
- he is talking a little more consistantly. He says ball, car, momma, daddy. If he wants something, he will grab our hand and walk us to whatever he wants (ie, the door if he wants to go outside or the fridge if he wants milk)
-ear tubes go in NEXT MONDAY
-he loves to run, jump, and climb. A little too much. Yesterday I caught him MID FLIGHT after he launched himself off the top of the stairs.
-he is in constant motion... ask anyone at our storytime!

We aren't planning on making him a big brother anytime soon. I wish people would stop asking me when were having the next one. Its a really sore subject because id love another baby and a sibling for Parker. But now is not the time. So if you ask, I might just start crying and that's just awkward for everyone involved. Save us all the trouble and leave it alone ;-)

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