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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Listen to your gut... NOT the pediatrician!!

Parker had his post-op the other day for his tubes. Everything came back normal and his hearing is perfect!

In the past TWO WEEKS he has learned how to say "hi, bye, thank you, what's that?, wow" and probably a few others that I can't remember. He still uses "ma, da, car, ball" consistantly.

This just proves to me the power of a mother's intuition. The pediatrician said he was fine. I knew he wasn't so I got him evaluated by a speech pathologist, who said that his verbal comprehension was well below his other developmental skills and she said it was probably due to his chronic ear infections. I am SO GLAD that I followed my gut and got his ears fixed.

PS- did you know that every state offers evaluations to parents at no cost? They look at verbal, gross and fine motor, and cognitive skills. If you are worried that your baby is behind in any of those departments, your pediatrician can provide you with the information you need to get your child evaluated. I am really thankful for those services, and now Parker is doing so much better!

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