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Friday, November 22, 2013

I miss naps.

P used to spoil me with 2 long naps a day. Now I am lucky if I can get him to take 1 45-minute nap. He is still only sleeping 9-10 hours a night, so I have NO IDEA where he is getting all of his energy!

So, now I have almost 4 extra hours of awake time a day and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. He won't sit still at all or play on his own, and he gets bored at home. He is also doing stuff like jumping off the sofa, eating boxes of kleenex, etc so it is a lot of work!!

We upgraded our gym membership to include daycare, so that's been a huge help. He gets to play with other kids while I hide in the locker room and read magazines. (Haha!!)

Any ideas on what I could do? We already hit as many storytimes as humanly possible and go to the life and science museum almost weekly. We also hit the park a few times a week and have some playdates. Aaaah! I am tired and miss naps!!

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