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Friday, January 2, 2015

Allow me to vent.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to tell you about the disappointing experience I had at the ---- Target today. I was shopping in the women's department and using one of the courtesy electric wheelchair carts. Due to restocking, there was merchandise in several carts that made it very difficult to move around the department. My problem is that several employees watched me- literally watched me- struggle to move around the carts and eventually hurt myself moving them out of the way. They didn't offer to help, although they clearly saw me. The exact same thing happened about ten minutes later, when I discovered the only handicapped accessible dressing room to be full of spare clothing racks. Fortunately, a fellow customer offered to help, while again at least two employees stood and watched. I was annoyed, but also very embarrassed.

It is not easy being handicapped. It is not easy to ask for help sometimes. I realize I should have asked for help, but still, your employees should know better than to make a spectator sport of watching disabled people crash into stuff with wheelchairs.



PS- This is NOTHING compared to the time (about 6 months ago) I was yelled at by a Target employee after accidentally bumping into a display with my wheelchair. I was told that my reckless behavior could have hurt someone. Apparently, I need to take my business to a more handicapped accessible establishment.

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