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Monday, April 7, 2014

19 months

We've been having a lot of fun lately. I feel like the past few months have been challenging but we're breaking through! I finally learned how to communicate with P a little better. I tried for months being all lovey dovery and saying "oh honey we don't run in the street/ride bikes on furniture/jump off the top of the stairs/etc. Please stop, Mommy LOVES YOU!"

Yes. I have a BA in Child Development. Yes, it goes all out the window when trying to apply it to your own kid.

Finally I realized I have to be firm. I get down on his level, make him look at me, and repeat what I want at least 3 times. At first he cried a little when I did this, but MAGICALLY he has started doing what I asked.

Now that we've got some semblance of discipline in our lives, we are having a BLAST. I'm especially enjoying going to the park with him and not having to hover because I know he will listen and not try to do a back handspring off the slide.We went to Pullen the other day and it was awesome.

We're also going to a bunch of Easter Egg hunts. There are SO MANY around here. You could literally do nothing besides look for Easter Eggs for the rest of the month if you wanted to. He loves it. He has no idea that there's candy in the eggs which is an added bonus.

His speach is improving. No sentences yet, but his vocabulary is expanding and he is doing better at non verbal communication, too. PHEW.

He has graduated to 3T tops and is still in 2T bottoms. He is 33 lbs.

He's been in Nursery for a month. So far they haven't kicked him out at all, so no news is good news?? They say he is doing fine but my friend is the Nursery leader and she may just be saying that.

So, things are good here. We are in the process of getting our house ready to sell. We have to replace the floors.. and long story short... it won't happen for another 2 months or so. We plan to list about a week after the floors are put in. In the meantime I'm just cleaning and cleaning and trying to make Jon get rid of all the crap he's hoarded over the years.

Oh speaking of crap that I've hoarded, I have a bunch of beads and watch faces from that time I unsucessfully tried to make and sell watches. It's about $100 worth of stuff. Anyone want it? I'll sell it to you for $15.

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