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Sorry, please ignore my baby, he's part dinosaur.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Please ignore my baby

I got this in the mail today! It was a total surprise and it made me so happy.
Some back story: a week ago, while my baby was screaching his head off in the airport (he does that when he's happy) , I posted on fb that I needed a tshirt that says "sorry, please ignore my baby, he's part velociraptor".
So my friend Mary from CTY sent me this shirt as a total surprise! It was so nice of her. Mary was one of the teenagers who went to the camp while I was a counselor, and it always surprises me when the "kids" do something for me. Granted, Mary is an adult now and in med school, but it still touched me.  Its been a rough week recovering from our trip and this really cheered me up.

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