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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book worm

Parker is now signed up for TWO summer reading programs! (Wake and Durham counties.)

Wake county:
PRO: easy to log activities with a sticker chart, I like their story times better. A LOT better.
CON: I'm not exactly sure what happens when the sticker chart is full

Durham county:
PRO: you get points for reading at home (not so with Wake county), cool prizes (Parker wins prizes every time he gets 100 points and could win a LeapFrog computer, and I get points for reading to him and win prizes too!). There is a family story time at night, perfect for working parents.
CON: you have to log your points on a computer instead of with stickers. Lame. Also, I haven't been impressed with story time. Then again, I now hold everything to same standard as the Wake library on Harps Mill.

This has what my life has become. Smh!

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