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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life without stairs

We have been in our new RANCH STYLE home for about a day now and awesome doesn't even begin to describe it. I have learned to live with my disease, but it requires a lot of limiting my movement and conserving energy. I had fallen into several routines that kind of suck, but were necessary in order to make it through the day. For example, I wouldn't leave my room before Parker woke up because I didn't want to make an extra trip down the stairs. That's just ONE thing. There are dozens of equally limiting things that I was doing, just to avoid the pain of crawling up and down the stairs.

I am pleased to report that I just enjoyed my first breakfast without Parker trying to steal my cereal in TWO YEARS. P is snoozing away happily in his room and I am free to use the rest of the house as I please. I am free!!

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