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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

17 months

Parker is 17 months old! 1 more month till Nursery! He actually started going to Nursery a few weeks ago because the Primary Presidency took pity on us and let us go with him. He likes it a lot and it has been a huge blessing. It will be weird leaving him there.

I have no idea what he weighs. I think he's around 33 lbs. He is a monster. He is wearing 2T clothes.

He's getting better at following simple directions, like "please bring me your shoes" and "can you find the ball? It's behind the chair." He's pretty good at cleaning up his toys and he likes to help around the house (sweeping, unloading the dishwasher, etc.)

We are still having trouble with him staying with an adult in public. He is a RUNNER. I always have eyes on him, but if I take my hands off him, he runs away as fast as he can and usually  right out the door. He runs out of the museum when I go to give them my membership card. He runs out of the library when I check out books. I have resigned to putting him on a baby leash while we're out because he runs straight into the parking lot and it's not safe.

I'm working on adding more structure to his day. Most of the time we have free play either at home or when he's at the Kids Club at the gym. We have started going to toddler time at the library because it's more structured than baby storytime. We also started going to Music Makers. It has been fun, but it's been hard! I want him to be ready to follow directions when he is in Nursery by himself.

He has quite a few words. His favorites are animal sounds. No sentences yet. He can't articulate what he wants yet... I'm looking forward to him being able to tell me what he wants.

He's off the bottle, except for one at night. I think that one will go within the next month.

His favorite activity is playing with his train set. Or running around in circles with other kids. He also loves to dance.

That's about all I can think of for now...

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