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Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 months!

Yes, I'm wearing socks on my hands... my new favorite game is scratching myself on my tummy. I also enjoy scratching Mom and Dad, and especially the wall next to my changing table. It sounds just like fingernails on a chalk board and I don't understand why Mom freaks out when I do it. Some other fun facts about me this month...

I weigh about 20 lbs, I will know for sure when I see the doctor next Monday
I wear size 12 month clothes
Last month, I upgraded to a convertable carseat because I was too big for my infant seat. I HATE the new carseat.
I also hate it when Mom puts my clothes on.
New favorite food: guacamole
I'm starting to creep around on the floor army style
No teeth yet!
I can't sit up yet either, but I'm getting close
I smile all the time, and with my whole face
I rarely cry
I am perfect

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